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Un caffè con amore!

As they say in Italy: „Il caffè, per esser buono, deve essere nero come la notte, puro come un angelo, caldo come l’ inferno e dolce come l’amore. “ (Coffee has to be black as the night, pure as an angel, hot as hell and sweet as love.)

And love, so “amore”, for me, there´s a lot in Italy. It’s not only because of the excellent caffè, you get almost everywhere in “Italia”, also in lost places - even the smallest bar is able to make an espresso that blows you away and with a “panna” on its top, that is made as it should be.

No, it’s even more the pure and lived joy of life, that is thundered to you.
You can feel it, when you visit the highly frequented and popular weekly markets around the Garda Lake – in the turmoil of the market activity with the melodic and domineering shouts of the stall-holders and the chattering of the Italian extended families, who are doing their weekly shopping, as if there was no tomorrow. At least, as far as the quantities are concerned, which are given over the fully filled vegetable-, fruit- and meat counters. For a Non-Italian is this an overwhelming experience. In fact, I’m not really feeling like a stranger there. It’s quite the opposite. As soon as I cross the border to Italy at the Brenner, a feeling of coming home spreads in me. Because when I arrived at Italy, I automatically take a more relaxed attitude. I get loose, just let me drift and carry away by the southern mentality wave without reservation. Of course, you fall into the melody of the Italian language and gesticulate wildly with all available limbs.
A good friend of mine once noted, that the stork inadvertently delivered me 1000 miles too far north – due to my Mediterranean temperament! I really hope, it was a compliment ;-).
Back again in my other home, I just take this feeling with me!